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What if the CardioChek analyzer doesn't offer other options for units?

The units may be locked on some devices. Therefore, you will not be given the option to change them. Other analyzers will give you the UNITS option in the menu so you are free to choose your prefered units.

Who do I call if I have additional questions?

Contact PTS, Inc. Customer Care:

+1 (877) 870-5610 (toll-free inside US)

+1 (317) 870-5610 (direct)

What if the CardioChek analyzer will not recognize the MEMo Chip?

- Be sure the MEMo Chip® was installed properly. The notched side of the MEMo chip faces up.

- Be sure the chip was inserted before the analyzer was turned on. If not, press the Enter button twice so the analyzer can recognize that the MEMo Chip has been inserted.

    What if test results are in decimals or appear higher or lower than expected?

    The UNITS menu may need to be reset from INTL to US or vice versa. To change units:

    - Press the Enter button until you see RUN TEST display.

    - Press the Next button until USER SET displays.

    - Press the Enter button once and then press the Next button until UNITS displays.

    - Press the Enter button to view units (either US or INTL).

    - Press the Enter button to accept current setting or the Next button followed by the Enter button to change the units.

      What if the analyzer reads LOT EXPIRED?

      Check to make sure the vial of strips has not expired. The expiration date is printed on the vial of strips.If the strips are not past their expiration date, check to make sure the date on the analyzer is set correctly. To check the date:

      • Press the Enter button until you see the RUN TEST display.
      • Press the Next button until USER SET displays.
      • Press the Enter button once and then press the Next button until SET DATE displays.
      • Press the Enter button three times to display MONTH, DAY, and YEAR.
      • To change the date, follow steps 1-4 above, but press the Next button followed by the Enter button to change the date. (Or turn the CardioChek analyzer off and turn it on and watch the display until the date is displayed.)


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