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Our Technology

The CardioChek® Test System is... easy to use, yet unique and proprietary technology. The system consists of the CardioChek analyzer, test strips, and a MEMo Chip®.

The CardioChek analyzer is a hand-held, battery-powered instrument that uses a test methodology called reflectance photometry. When a blood sample is applied to the test strip in the analyzer, a series of chemical reactions occurs, which ultimately produce a color change on the back of the test strip. The CardioChek analyzer then compares the intensity of the color to the calibration information stored in the MEMo Chip to calculate and display the test result.

The CardioChek test strips are simple to use and employ the same type of chemical reagents used in clinical laboratory equipment.

The CardioChek MEMo Chip is the key link between the test strip and the analyzer. A MEMo Chip is included with each vial of test strips and contains specific calibration and other information that enables the analyzer to "read" each particular test strip.

The underlying technology of the CardioChek PA System employs innovative technology to conduct sample preparation and complex chemical analysis based on clinical lab procedures; All in a simple, user-friendly format.

icon CardioChek Product Storage & Operating Conditions

 Benefits of CardioChek PA Technology

Reliable: Meets icon NCEP guidelines.

Fast: Results in approximately 2 minutes.

Portable: Hand-held and battery-operated.

Convenient: Test anywhere, anytime and store last 30 tests for recall.

Simple: Small sample (15-40µL, fingerstick or venous (EDTA or heparin)).

Versatile: Ability to test multiple-assay panels or individual tests.

Stable: Room temperature strip storage 18-24 months (no refrigeration required*).

Reimbursable: Covered by most US payers for medically-indicated testing.

Printer and Computer Connectivity: Optional






      Faster turn-around time in a screening environment offers the potential to double your productivity. The CardioChek PA POC instrument’s compact size and light weight make it economical to ship and store multiple units. And PTS Panels® Test Strips have long shelf-life and no refrigeration requirement, so there’s very little waste.

      Differential Diagnostic Tool

      CardioChek PA is an effective tool for health care professionals, allowing you to make differential diagnoses in accordance with:

      National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)

      Adult Treatment Panel III (ATP III)

      Recognized international diagnostic and treatment parameters

        As a screening tool, CardioChek PA provides the flexibility to customize the diagnostic panel for your clients.

        Therapy Management

        NCEP, through the revised ATP III guidelines, has established the target for cholesterol-lowering therapy – LDL. CardioChek PA provides you with the ultimate solution – the CardioChek PA Direct LDL test. You now have a fast, accurate means of making treatment decisions or reinforcing compliance for your patients.

          1. *Creatinine Assay is not CLIA-waived and requires refrigeration.


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