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Target Ranges

Cholesterol Ranges

Total Cholesterol
mg/dL mmol/L g/L
Borderline 200-239 5,18-6,20 2,00-2,39
At Risk ≥240 ≥6,21 ≥2.40
HDL (good) Cholesterol
mg/dL mmol/L g/L
Desirable ≥60 ≥1,55 ≥0,60
Borderline 40-59 1,04-1,54 0,40-0,59
At Risk
mg/dL mmol/L g/L
Borderline 150-199 1,70-2,25 1,50-1,99
At Risk ≥200 ≥2,26 ≥2,00
LDL (bad) Cholesterol
mg/dL mmol/L g/L
Borderline 100-129 2,59-3,35 1,00-1,29
At Risk ≥130 ≥3,36 ≥1,30


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Product Storage & Operating Conditions

CardioChek® brand products are designed to be conveniently stored at room temperature. These storage conditions and analyzer operating ranges are stated in the respective package insert.

It is well established that chemistry based IVD products are best maintained at controlled room temperature which is generally considered 20-27°C.  This controlled range helps to maintain long term product stability.  In addition, avoidance of extreme temperatures during operation of the analyzer is preferred, thus within the range 20-27°C which is up to 80°F.  We have thus established the 20-27°C range as the Optimal CardioChek Conditions. Operating the device above this temperature can cause elevated results.

Optimal Conditions

Test Strip Storage - Range 20-27°C 68-80°F

Device Operating  - 20-27°C 68-80°F

Current operating and storage specifications consider the broad application of our products in various health care settings. The acceptable ranges may continue to be used for all products and will yield reliable and accurate results which meet performance claims. The recommended optimal operating and storage temperatures listed in the table above provide added assurance of performance reliability and long term product stability.  It is our constant mission at Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. to ensure that our customers and their patients receive the most reliable and accurate results possible.  In doing so, we have determined the defined new optimal operating and storage temperature ranges.

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