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New & Improved Products!


New "QA Compliance Pak"

Products to be Introduced September 2011

CardioChek is pleased to make available an expanded menu of compliance-related accessories designed to enhance the ease-of-use aspects of the system and further increase the value of the information delivered to the patient. These new and improved accessories complement the recently released CardioChek Connect device and printer, and dovetail with the new proficiency testing service offered by AAB (American Association of Bioanalysts, of Brownsville, TX). Together, they reinforce and demonstrate the system’s improved levels of accuracy and precision. We are calling this suite of related products the “QA Compliance Pak.”

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1. ChekMate™ by CardioChek is the next evolution of the CardioChek check strip.* This newly designed quality control kit contains 4 specially-configured check strips and 2 MEMo Chips® which allow the user to test up to two devices simultaneously to verify proper performance. This product provides assurance of the optimal functioning of each device testing “window,” and is positioned to complement current PTS Panels® liquid controls to verify daily system performance and document compliance with quality standards. Using this product as part of a complete quality control program provides the added benefit of reducing the need to consume test strips by running liquid controls. The catalog number is REF 860 and the price is $149.00 (MSRP).

 *For convenience, CardioChek devices will continue to be shipped with the old style gray check strip.

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2. More Precisely Formulated PTS Panels® Liquid Controls  (Multi-Chemistry & HDL) boast tighter ranges, addressing the most commonly requested improvement to the current product. The catalog numbers will be the same, 721 and 722 respectively. Pricing is consistent with existing agreements.


3. CardioChek Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a new tool applicable to corporate wellness markets as well as public screening environments within the world of health promotions. The CardioChek HRA builds on the established AHA - ATPIII guidelines for heart disease risk assessment as demonstrated in the Framingham Study. The CardioChek HRA is the common denominator showcasing the entire CardioChek test system with built-in applications for connectivity and data management, as well as a traditional print off for the patient. A unique feature of the CardioChek HRA is a patented and proprietary algorithm for calculating Cardiac Age.The catalog number is REF 2175 for software only, with an MSRP of $119.00. Catalog number REF 2176 is the software plus a CardioChek Link® cable, with an MSRP of $139.00.

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4. CardioChek Link® 3.1 improves significantly upon Link 3.0 by delivering key tools needed in the screening environment via several software and functionality upgrades. Most notably, CardioChek device results are automatically exported to a vertically integrated spreadsheet format more conducive to data management and patient record management. This product complements the new CardioChek HRA well. The catalog number is REF 995, and the price is $99.00 (MSRP).

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Contact your sales representative for greater detail and technical advice on any of the products described above. 

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