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Test Strips


PTS Panels® Test Strips

PTS Panels Test Strips are composed of several layers of filters and reagent-impregnated membranes in a plastic carrier. Each membrane layer performs specific functions to process and facilitate chemical reactions. The dry chemistry membranes are stable at room temperature (except creatinine). Please see below for details of available tests and panels.

icon CardioChek Product Storage & Operating Conditions


MEMo Chip®

memo_stripsEach package of PTS Panels Test Strips contains a color-coded MEMo Chip. When inserted into the top of the CardioChek PA device, the MEMo Chip performs the following functions:

Reads the test strip expiration date

Tells the instrument which test(s) to run

Contains the calibration curve and lot number for the specific test strip

Controls the test sequence and timing

Establishes the measurement range for the test


Available Test Strips,
Test Strip Panels & Accessories


lipid_stripsLipid Panel Test Strip

Measures total cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides.

Calculates LDL cholesterol and TC/HDL ratio.

No refrigeration required.

icon Lipid Panel Package Insert

Product Specification

icon Lipid Panel Product Information


chol_glu_stripsCHOL + GLU Panel Test Strip

Measures total cholesterol and glucose
No refrigeration required

icon Cholesterol + Glucose Package Inserts

Product Specification


chol_hdl_stripsCHOL + HDL Panel Test Strip 

Measures total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, calculates TC/HDL ratio

No refrigeration required

icon Cholesterol + HDL Package Inserts

Product Specification

chol_hdl_glu_stripsCHOL + HDL + GLU Panel Test Strip
Measures total cholesterol, HDL, glucose and calculates TC/HDL ratio
No refrigeration required
metabolic_stripsMetabolic Chemistry Panel Test Strip

Measures glucose, HDL and triglycerides
No refrigeration required


Single Test Strips (Package Inserts)


icon Total Cholesterol User Instructions

icon HDL Cholesterol User Instructions

icon Triglycerides User Instructions

icon Glucose User Instructions

icon Ketone User Instructions

icon Ketone Sell Sheet

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